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My niece Istahil, who is 14 years old, was diagnosed with Keratoconus. She lives in Somalia, where doctors could not offer any treatment for her condition. As a result, she was advised to visit India for further assistance. Just as I was preparing to take Istahil to India, I found out about Laser Eye Centre and Dr. Joshi. I had traveled to Kenya to arrange for my nieces visas to India and this is how I came to know about Dr. Joshi’s great work. My friends and family in Kenya suggested that I should seek Dr. Joshi’s opinion before taking Istahil to India.

Fortunately, upon visiting Dr. Joshi, we established that he was able to treat Istahil’s Keratoconus at his eye centre in Kenya. This saved us the time and costs of travelling all the way to India.

Dr. Joshi established that Istahil’s right eye was affected by Keratoconus which took away her vision by 65%. She had also lost vision on her left eye. Consequently, she underwent crosslinking on the right eye and a transplant on the left eye. Both procedures were successful and Istahil’s eye sight was restored.

We are grateful for the service given to us by Dr. Joshi and his team at a very reasonable cost.

I would recommend Dr. Joshi to anyone and I highly encourage everyone to visit Laser Eye Centre.