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Eye Lid Surgery


The eyes are focal point of the face. Years of harsh sun exposure affect the thin delicate skin around our eyes. Combined with changes in deeper tissue around the eyes, these effects may cause the eyelid to drop. The area around the eye may appear swollen making someone look like they are tired or ill.The condition may progress to the point that it begins to obstruct vision. A quick and painless in-office procedure may improve this undesirable condition. This procedure is called Blepharoplasty, and can dramatically improve obstructed vision as well as restore a healthier more natural appearance to the area of the eye. If you have experienced these changes around your eye ask your doctor if Blepharoplasty can help.

A chalazion is a small firm bulge in an eyelid caused by a blocked opening or infection of oil producing glands located in the upper or lower eyelids. They are frequently associated with a condition called Blepharitis.Chalazia may be uncomfortable, unsightly and interfere with vision. They are initially red, swollen and tender.
In rare cases, chalazions can grow large enough to apply pressure on the eye causing droopiness of the eye lid and blurred vision.
Most chalazions will shrink after a few weeks without treatment, leaving a slight bulge. If the bulge does not shrink, one treatment option is to apply hot compresses to the eyelid. Sometime hot compresses alone can be effective in reducing the size of chalazion. If hot compresses are not effective then a surgery visit is needed for treatment. A doctor can either prescribe steroids to reduce the bulge, drain the chalazion manually. This procedure is done using local anaesthesia and is usually painless. An incision to drain the bulge is usually made on the inside of the eyelid, so that no visible scar remains. After the appearance of the bulge is greatly reduced, patients who experienced recurrence of chalazions that bulge they need to be examined by a pathologist to ensure that the condition is not serious.
A healthy eyelid hugs the surface of the eye protecting it and keeping it moist. If the eyelid turns outwards it leaves sensitive areas of the eye exposed. This is due to the condition called Ectropion which will result in a burning sensation, excessive tearing and unsightly reddening of the eye. Ectropion can be diagnosed with a routine eye exam. This condition does not go away on its own: it requires treatment by an eye care professional to resolve the eyelids to their normal positions.
Ectropion can be addressed by a number of simple treatment operations, artificial tears or ointment that can provide temporary relief for discomfort.A more long term treatment option is performed by an eye surgeon to have a minor in-office procedure to tighten the eyelid and restore its normal position. This procedure allows eyelids to protect the eye again and regain their healthy appearance. The discomfort of Ectropion subsides and the need for artificial tears and lubricating ointments is virtually eliminated.
If the eyelid turns inward eyelashes rub against the eye and can cause significant discomfort. This is due to the condition called entropion which is a burning sensation.