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Anna Mwangi

Professor, University of Nairobi, Academic and Research Coordinator, African Women’s Studies Centre

I have had problems with my eyes since I was a young child. I started wearing glasses at the age of 12 years and I was short-sighted for quite a long period of time. I am now 74 years old and I was involved in an accident about 3 years ago after which I experienced some changes with my eye sight when  I could not see and had to change the strength of my spectacles. I then visited an ophthalmologist who informed me that I had started developing cataracts in my eyes and it would be dangerous to perform surgery on them as I had a chance of going blind. He also mentioned that suitable technology for my case was not available locally. This led me in a deep mode of depression.

I gave up on my eyesight until much later when my family doctor referred me to Dr. Joshi who performed cataract surgeries on both my eyes! This is an absolute miracle as I can now see very clearly! I feel like a whole new person and I am very thankful to Dr. Joshi! I highly recommend him to anyone who needs cataract surgery!