Rotary International Significant Achievement Award

Rotary District Governor Teshome Kebede (second right) is seen here presenting the award to Dr. Joshi. Hon. Rotarian Dr. Manu Chandaria and his wife, as well as Arun Devani (left), past president David Hastie and Salim Fazal are looking on.

Rotary District Governor Teshome is seen here presenting the award jointly to Dr. Joshi and the club president. In the picture (from left): Past president Arun Devani, Rtn. Gideon Akwabi, Mrs. Aruna Chandaria, Hon. Rtn. Manu Chandaria, Dr. Joshi, past president David Hastie, past president Ann Vanlaue, Rtn. Hasmukh Rawal, DG Teshome Kebede and Rtn. Salim Fazal.

For the first time in its 85 year history, the Rotary Club of Nairobi and Dr. Mukesh Joshi were awarded with the Rotary International Significant Achievement Award in recognition of their Kenya Rural Blindness Eradication project.

This is the highest service award that can be awarded to any Rotary Club.

This award was presented to Dr. Joshi and his team for rendering honorary services for the last thirty years for performing 15,000 cataract operations, more than 100 corneal transplants and laser for Diabetic retinopathy.

Our “Kenya Rural Blindness Eradication” project team includes Rtn. Salim Fazal (coordinator), Rtn. Gideon Gakwabi (community service chairman), Rtn. Arun Devani (Chief fund raiser), Rtn. David Hastie (treasurer & past president) and Rtn. Hasmukh Rawal lead by Hon. Rtn Dr.Mukesh Joshi were honored for rendering their honorary services.

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